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Costa Rica is located in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua (North) and Panama (Southeast). It is known for its long-lasting democratic system, which subsisted even when a significant part of the region was governed by totalitarian regimes and became immersed in military conflicts. Since the abolition of its army in 1948, Costa Rica has gained its reputation as a country of political/economic stability and educational development. However, in spite of its ranking #1 in the Happy Planet Index (see link), Costa Rican society, as any, still suffers from social dissatisfaction, the impact of the global economic crisis and other maladies that usually affect developing countries. But perhaps it is the country's natural beauty that attracts international interest the most, since Costa Rica boasts 5% of the world's biodiversity, and 25,58% of its territory is destined to the protection of the flora and fauna (see link) through its national parks, making it a popular destination for tourists. The average temperature in the Central Valley is approximately 22 C. The dry season begins in December, ending in March, with the rest of the year being the rainy season or a transitional time between these two periods. In December temperatures in San José might drop to 18 C during the day, and there might be scattered showers; we recommend bringing an umbrella and a light jacket. The best advice, however, is to be prepared for varying temperatures, especially if you are going to be doing any sightseeing around San José, since Costa Rica is characterized by microclimates.

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